Never Thought About Cars?


30 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. to learn more. “It’s very open-ended right now, but will get very specific once we start working,” said Jared Mezzocchi, Andy’s producing artistic director. The basis of the show is connectivity, using the stories – past, present and future – of the people involved. If the work over the summer taught Mezzocchi anything, it was how crucial listening is during this time of separation. “How can we connect on a physical and emotional level?” Mezzocchi said. What is clear about the upcoming production of “String Theory” is that there will be quite a bit of yarn. Participants will use talking to the yarn to enhance and define their space at home and will act as a connector among the various Zoom performance venues. “Orange Grove will work with the whole team to bring it to life,” Mezzocchi said. [Cars]